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Health Voucher

Health Voucher

Market Price: INR 4000
Offer Price:INR 1500
EU Points: 750
Shipping Charge: 0
Size: 0

Category: Prepaid Voucher

Health Voucher

We will provide the vouchers for Master Health check, with 30 health parameters, for distribution. The components of health check package are :

A General Body Health

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • ESR
  • Urine Routine
  • Blood Group and Rh factor
  • X-ray Chest

B Diabetes Screen

  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Post Prandial Blood Sugar

C Kidney Screen

  • BUN
  • Creatinine

D Cardiac Risk Screen

  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • Tryglycerides
  • VLDL Cholesterol
  • LDL/HDL Ratio
  • TC/HDL Cholesterol Ratio

 E Liver Screen

  • Bilirubin
  • SGPT
  • SGOT

 Terms and conditions

  1. Company will issue the health care coupon code as per STANDARD NORMS
  2.  For redemption, customer have to submit the checkup request online as per his CITY/AREA.
  3. Customer have to submit the Request at least 21 days prior of preferred date.
  4. Company will receive the information and arrange the appointment accordingly with the available service providers of the area.
  5.  Our customer care respond to the customer for their appointment status on registered mobile no. or mail Id at least 7 days prior of confirmation date.
  6. Customer utilize the service & get the reports as per the norms of specific laboratory.